“I have been seeing Lauren for massages for years, and I have nothing but good things to say. She listens to your needs, and uses her expertise to treat you in the most effective way. I highly recommend visiting Body Benefit Massage Therapy for relaxation or medical needs.”

– Shannon H.

“I’m convinced Lauren has “magic hands” and I hope they are insured! I started going to Body Benefit in September 2014 after suffering months of lower back and sciatic nerve pain running down my left side. After one session with Lauren my pain reduced dramatically. With regular visits, I felt the issue completely disappear. This was after 3 months of trying steroids for inflammation and PT. Nothing helped as much as her therapeutic massage. Her space is so warm and relaxing and so is she. She makes you incredibly comfortable from the minute you meet her. I highly recommend her for anything from a relaxing treat to serious therapeutic pain management. She has honed in on exactly where my issues are coming from and I completely rely on her as my cure!”

– Loriann N.

“I’ve used Lauren’s massage services for several years. I go in tense and tight, and leave feeling great!”

– Mary O.

“Lauren is an excellent therapist. I have worked with her for serveral years, or should I say she has worked on me. She has kept me fit while I trained for the Boston Marathon as well as addressing those annoying aches and pains of every day life. She is quite knowledgable when it comes to diagnosing what is treatable by massage and what requires other attention. She has a gentle but strong touch, and she LOVES to get my knots out! She has a wonderful personality and knows when to talk and when to let you relax and enjoy.”

– Andrea H.

I have spent the last decade and a half bouncing from chiropractors to massage therapists and back again in search of relief from chronic muscle tension and pain. I own every piece of traction equipment available and have tried every pillow and gimmick out there. Nothing has worked. I had just grown to accept the fact that I can’t rotate my head fully and my right arm goes numb sometimes…then I found Jinny. Her knowledge and technique is unmatchable. It was astounding to me how quickly she was able to pinpoint exactly where my multiple problem areas were without me providing any guidance. For the first time in years my shoulders are not touching my ears and I’m not in agony every time I look left or right. Literally dozens of massage therapists later, no one has been able to address my pain like Jinny has. She’s a true expert who takes the time to educate me along the way. And it doesn’t stop there. She puts you totally at ease very quickly and she doesn’t forget about you when you walk out the door. Getting her reminders to hydrate, use heat, and get my neck roll out of the closet in between visits really means alot. I’d never go anywhere else now that I’ve found Jinny. Top Notch all the way!

– Sarah Reed

” I highly recommend Lauren. She is friendly, professional, and very knowledgable in her field.”

– Helen C.

“It’s very important as a professional athlete to get the best treatment for my body. I have traveled around the country and my wife and I have received treatment from at least 20 different massage therapists, we both can honestly say that Lauren is the best. She works with your body’s energy to treat the symptoms and completely relax your body. She used several different techniques, including deep tissue massage, reiki and cupping and she is great at them all!”

– Tony Fiammetta (NFL Pro-Athlete)

I saw Lauren (the owner) today for a much-needed massage. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to see her. The spa is clean, comfortable and a relaxing atmosphere. Lauren gave me THE BEST MASSAGE I have ever had! Booked another appt and I would definitely recommend her. Thanks Lauren. You rock!!

– Judy Bernier

I am seeing Jinny Baker consistently for a sports injury and without her my recovery would not be the same. She is an amazing massage therapist who know exactly what she is doing. I have had many massages in my time, hands down she is the best!

– Meridith Duffy

Jinny Baker is hands down the best massage therapist there is. I have been seeing her for at least 2 years for various injuries. She knows exactly where and how to make me feel better. She’s an amazing person and an amazing massage therapist. I can’t say enough good things. I have gone to many different places in the past and NONE compare to Jinny- don’t believe me – get yourself in there!

– Alyssa Rynne

“After sustaining a very painful back strain from running, I came to yelp desperate to find a massage therapist in the area that would be able to see me that day. I totally lucked out when I found Lauren and she amazingly enough squeezed me in for an appointment that very day. Not only is Lauren incredibly nice, she is also really good at what she does. The massage not only helped with the pain, Lauren also explained where the pain was coming from and some potential causes of the injury. Massages from Lauren have become key to my ability to run injury free.”

– Margaret M.

Lauren has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I tried treatment after treatment for a neck injury, and after a ton of research gave massage at Body Benefit a shot. Words cannot express how grateful I was to find a massage therapist that not only was relaxing, but by far, most importantly, knows exactly how to attack my muscle spasms and release them.
I typically can hardly move my neck and am in constant pain, but after leaving her studio my neck feels amazingly flexible and completely relaxed. At first I was so nervous to let anyone touch my neck who wasn’t a doctor, but she completely understands exactly what I need to feel like myself again every single appointment.
Also, to anyone nervous about getting a wee bit naked for a stranger, she makes the visits so comfortable that it’s a complete non-issue, you will entirely forget that little fact. It’s worth every penny to me and way more for the peace and break from pain I get every single visit.

– Hilda Karpawich

“Lauren is the ultimate professional at what she does. I went to see Lauren for a pain in my upper back and in my shoulder. Not only did she ease the pain with her technique, but she also gave me a full understanding of the muscles, showing her knowledge in the industry. She also followed up with me and gave me tips and advice to help address the issue. She is very passionate at what she does, and she comes HIGHLY recommended. She is an excellent massage therapist and knows her stuff.”

– Jaclyn A.

“Best massage, very professional and nice! I would recommend to everyone, especially those in need of pre-natal!”

– Jillian M.

Plagued with sciatic nerve pain due to bulging discs in my spinal column—L3, L4 and L5 segments—caused by old gym injuries from improperly lifting heavy weight, I visited many massage therapists with hopes of reducing back spasm episodes. I yearned for relief so that I could continue my highly-active fitness lifestyle. Until last year, I thought I would never reach that goal. That is until I commenced massage therapy sessions with Jinny Baker (or as I call her J.B.). As a fitness expert, she understands what the body endures during intense training. This knowledge compliments her massage therapy, allowing her to identify problems quickly and areas of focus for continuing sessions. What I find unique about Jinny is that she genuinely cares about my health. Often times she is tweaking and adjusting the massage according to what she has assessed to be problematic at the time (i.e. tight hamstring, hip flexors, quads, lats, etc.) and the cause for continued spasms. Additionally, Jinny assists me in improving range and mobility during her sessions reducing muscle tightness which tends to contributes to sciatic episodes.
I’m happy to report that I have not experience a sciatic nerve episode in over a year, and I attribute that to Jinny’s massage therapy. For this reason, I have become one of Jinny’s loyal customers visiting her every 4 weeks. Believe me it is well worth it. I recommend Jinny to everyone I know.

– Michael Barreto

“Lauren was awesome! She gives a great massage, listens well to your needs and does those little extras I love, like butter soft sheets, warm blanket and peppermint eye pillow.”

– Sally S.

“I recently suffered a sports injury to my back that was causing me a lot of pain. I did go to Body Benefit Massage Therapy prior to this, but more for a relaxing experience. With out even telling Lauren, she knew something was different from the last massage. I explained what happened and where my discomfort was. She focused on that area and answered all of the various questions I had. After just two sessions, my back was feeling 100% better and I was able to work out and lift weights with out any issues. Body Benefit Massage Therapy is a great choice for a relaxing treatment, or to help with any nagging pains. Thank you!”

– Chris F.

“I have a body filled with arthritis, tight muscles, stress and a collapsed femur bone. I have been suffering for over ten years. I have tried the basics i.e. physical therapy, pain meds, etc. but nothing worked. I had no quality of life and was praying for a miracle. Then Lauren came into my life. No one has been able to give me this kind of relief not only from stress, but also pain. I now have my quality of life back and can do more physical things than before I came to Lauren. She is an angel!”

– Virginia O.

“My lower back, hamstrings, quads, and every other part of my body will rest a lot easier tonight after having the most amazing massage today! Lauren- you ar a miracle worker!! I also appreciate you taking the time to teach me proper stretches to prevent me from having any more days like today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Judi F.