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Body Benefit Massage Therapy offers therapeutic and relaxing massage therapy, reiki, and massage cupping for men and women. Many of our clients come to us with sports or work-related injuries and stress. Each treatment is customized to focus on your individual needs and no two treatments are the same. Our priority is to give you an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.


I have spent the last decade and a half bouncing from chiropractors to massage therapists and back again in search of relief from chronic muscle tension and pain. I own every piece of traction equipment available and have tried every pillow and gimmick out there. Nothing has worked. I had just grown to accept the fact that I can’t rotate my head fully and my right arm goes numb sometimes…then I found Jinny. Her knowledge and technique is unmatchable. It was astounding to me how quickly she was able to pinpoint exactly where my multiple problem areas were without me providing any guidance. For the first time in years my shoulders are not touching my ears and I’m not in agony every time I look left or right. Literally dozens of massage therapists later, no one has been able to address my pain like Jinny has. She’s a true expert who takes the time to educate me along the way. And it doesn’t stop there. She puts you totally at ease very quickly and she doesn’t forget about you when you walk out the door. Getting her reminders to hydrate, use heat, and get my neck roll out of the closet in between visits really means alot. I’d never go anywhere else now that I’ve found Jinny. Top Notch all the way!

– Sarah Reed

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